"Option String On" Error

Hey guys,

I am facing an issue at UI Path Level 3 Developer, Exercise 1, walkthrough page 11.

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “out_TransactionItem(“WIID”)”.
“Option Strict On” lässt keine impliziten Konvertierungen von String in Integer zu.

->“Option Strict On” doesn’t allow implicite convertions from String to Integer.

Am I using the right Argument types?

The assignment I used is: out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”)

Thanks for any help!

Hi @moristah

The error specifically is telling you that you are trying to use a String where an Integer should be. I noticed that out_TransactionItem is of a String type variable, but you are trying to use “WIID” next to it like an index. — If you remove (“WIID”), this will get rid of the error, but I’m not sure that’s what you want to assign to TransactionID.
out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem

Hopefully, that helps.


Thanks for the help. I think the problem was that I just tried to search for “WIID” in a string. But I wanted to search for that a column header called “WIID” in a data row. i just got a little bit confused with the instructions in the walkthrough.