Option Strict On disallows late binding (array of rows)

Hi all

I have a data table called “EMPLOYEES” it has 3 columns ID; NAME; GENDER
filtered the data table and got an array of rows “LIST” using the following: EMPLOYEES.Select(“GENDER=’F’”)
Then I used a for each activity where: Foreach “item” in “LIST” there are actions
Within foreach I am trying to get the name from the item which is being processed.
I tried Assign “name” to item(1).ToString but it shows an error Option Strict On disallows late binding.
How do I get the name?

Thank you in advacne

Hi @Elizaveta_Demuynck,
I have fixed the issue that you can see in the below source.

File : Option Strict On disallows.zip (2.6 KB)