Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from string to integer

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?


Can you be more specific about what you are trying to do? or can you upload the workflow?

I’m trying to convert the data that I received from the image via ocr and translate it to int32 so that the data formatting is correct by the time it gets to excel.

If you use the variable type as String, it still should able to give the data. No need to convert it into Int

It will, but it still isn’t formatted right when it gets to excel.9-12-2019%205-33-00%20PM 9-12-2019%205-33-29%20PM

If you want to write the array value in different rows you can use Array(0).ToString, Array(1).ToString where Array is the output value from get ocr text and type should be Array(Int32)
It writes one number in a cell like 26-in A1 and 154-in A2 likewise

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Write Cell activity will accept input as String only but not other types of data.

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The issue is because the write cell input argument takes only String value or variable so in that case mention like this

Hope this would help you
Cheers @BotMonkey

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@Mamidi_Sravani @lakshman @Palaniyappan Thanks to all of you! As get further along with the program I’ll most likely have more questions. I’ll make sure to keep this post updated :slight_smile: Cheers

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