Option strict on disallows implicit conversions from 'string' to 'boolean'

Hi Team,

Am trying to keep the condition in this way, from config file which has two location values named FedexHub.


If that value is in Two columns say current location and recipient location , then the Remarks column wont be delayed . If those two columns have different locations apart from the ‘FedexHub’, then it will be delayed.

I tried the below logic, but getting the error,

delayed condition boolean error

Can you guys help in resolving it.

Thanks in advance.


you have to use as per below expression:

if(in_Config(“FedexHub”).tostring).trim.Equals(CurrentLocationCity) and in_Config(“FedexHub”).tostring).trim.Equals(RecipientCity)) Then


hi @sunilRdGlobal, thanks for replying. Will change it and let you know.

hey, it is still showing the same error…

you are using same type of Condition more than one time in your code ?

use this instead of above expression :

If(in_Config(“FedexHub”).tostring.Trim.Equals(CurrentLocationCity) And in_Config(“FedexHub”).tostring.Trim.Equals(RecipientCity)) Then