If condition error

If condition always going in false path
it shows true only if (in_Body.trim.tolower.Equals(in_Ticket_Body.trim.tolower))
in_Body and in_Ticket value is entered in variable panel but i want to pick in_Body from mail and in_Ticket_Body from excel and compare if the strings are equal
reading the mail.zip (5.5 KB)


Help me out with this
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@supu123 Print the values from excel and mail, check both values once manually

Hi @Manjuts90

Both the values are same.I have checked using message box

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@supu123 You might be getting extra spaces, try once “contains” method once.

Tried with Contains
Used Trim
Removed Blank spaces
Removed Newline space also
Invoked the workflow also
It is not working
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HI @supu123,

Well, try contains/equals along with toString and toLower(your_second_variable.toString.toLower),
along with a .Trim maybe?

Let me know if this works, and if it doesn’t, what is the error or ‘Write Line’ for each of the variables with the same functions as in your criteria.


@supu123 If you feel both text as exactly same, copy both text and enter them both in the site Character Identifier
See if both text shows same characters. There could be some invisible characters.


Tried this way also

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