Option strict on disallows implicit conversion from 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of System.Data.DataRow)' to 'String'

Hello Master !

I have a question about the variable type. Actually, I use AsEnumerable.Skip(0).Take(10) function, but it turned out have conversion error.

This is the variable declared and type.

Kindly request the assistance to solve this issue. I got stuck almost two weeks :joy:

Thanks in advance !


Perhaps you should set dt2 DataTable type in variable panel.

And add .CopyToDataTable as the following.


Finally I supose dt1 should be dt2 in WriteRange


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Thank you. But still have the same error. “Cannot convert to String”. :sweat_smile:

Hi @fizzuraimi
your DT2 is String type


Can you share current screenshot with variable panel?


Hi @fizzuraimi ,

Please change the datatype of dt2 to System.Data.DataTable

HI @fizzuraimi ,

At times, The Validation Error gets stuck even though you have corrected it. You could directly perform a Run and Check or Maybe closing the xaml and opening it again or Closing the Project and re-opening it again would help.

Make sure to change the datatypes to the appropriate type.

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