Option Strict on, can not convert from "Boolean" to "Integer"


I’m petting this error from main file and I can not understand why… help me…


Veriable is boolean but its not working.



Could you please show me screenshot of this where you are using this variable ?


I think you are trying to assign a boolean value to image which is of type Integer.

Main.xaml (68.0 KB)
I have attached the code…


You had used MiljøLive expression value in Flow Switch activity and select type argument as Int32 and MiljøLive as Boolean variable.



Here you specified TypeArgument as Int32 but passed boolean value in Flow Switch activity. Please change it to boolean type and then try.

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Thanks Lakshman… I got it. It was by mistake :frowning:

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Lekshman I’m having issue wih writing to a value of argument to Excell is that something you can help me with?

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