Problems with converting asset of type Bool to boolean

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Another interesting query here.
I have an asset of type Bool, I load it to workflow using GetAsset. Not surprisingly, I cannot assign the value directly to anything else than a variable of datatype GenericValue. Later, I want to check the value in Flow Decision passing: “var.toboolean=true” but it throws following error:
argument not specified for parameter provider of public function toboolean (provider as system.iformatProvider) as boolean
I also tried convert.toboolean(var) - error I’m getting then is:
Overload resolution failed because no accessible toboolean is most specific for these arguments:
‘Public Shared Function ToBoolean(value as Date) As Boolean’: Not most specific.
and so on for other types of values

In the end I settled for var.toString=“True”, but that’s stupid, whole point of having Bool is not using it as a string, otherwise why having Bool in the first place

Any ideas why is it so?


As far as your asset is set as Boolean and your target variable is Boolean too, it should not be a problem. I tried with both values and the result was as expected.

Doesn’t work for me - screenshots below



Might be a mess with UiPath refreshing your variables. Try delete the output variable from the activity, save, type the variable name again.

Did what you said, unfortunately didn’t help. I am attaching the workflow
CustomerSetupProcess.xaml (149.9 KB)

It’s the GetAsset activity in Add New Customer flowchart


I Deactivated the Excel scope and replace the IsItaly variable.

CustomerSetupProcess.xaml (143.3 KB)

Thanks msan
It is working - still not sure why didn’t work in my workflow, but I guess we won’t find out :slight_smile: Marked as solution

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