Opening protected spreadsheets and popup menu response

Does anyone find that their automation sometimes is able to identify a popup you have previously identified as part of the flow and select the button then not be able to the next?

Is there a better way to configure this than selecting the button and anchoring it?

Also is there a workaround to open a password protected spreadsheet. I read on this forum about read range but cannot see this as an activity for me to select and configure.

Hi @leah.langtry

You mean, The pop-up may or may not occur and your bot should be able to handle it, am I right??!! If I am wrong, could you please explain a bit more clear!!

Thanks and regards,

Hi Rakesh
The popup occurs for this spreadsheet every time but the bot only is able to find it and make the selection 1 out of 3 times. I’ve tried using different anchor points but the same result. Also occasionally I get a message saying to install the excel add-in or adjust the trust centre but I’ve checked both and they are enabled as they should be…