Opening one hyperlink from an email, and move on to the next process using open browser activity


I would like to make a process that opens a hyperlink in an email.
Below is the screen capture of the email, and the hyperlink highlighted in yellow is the link I need to click on.

and these are the screen captures of my process I created so far.
①only picks the target email
②the erased is the word with hyperlink (eg. click here)

I have found a relevant post, but I couldn’t really understand well.

I hope anyone of you can help me explain more in details.

Thanks in advance.

I could extract all the links in the specific email.

However, I only want to open one link using open browser activity.
So I made this.

I thought matches.ToString.contains(“packageid”) would filter the links and get one link I want. But didn’t work.

Could someone help me :cold_face:

Hi, from your screenshot I can see that the files you want to download are already attached in the email. If that is the case there is already an activity called: “Download Attachments”.

If does not work for you. Can you copy/paste how the email body looks like?

Dear dimibot,

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it very much.

The item I would like to extract from the email is NOT an attached file.
I want to open a hyperlink in the email, and move on to the next process using “open browser” activity.

The email contains many hyperlinks and urls, I could open all the links on the browser (about 20 links).
However, I only want to open the hyperlink highlighted in yellow in the screen capture.


Best regards,


I am trying another way that might work logically.
However due to my lacking knowledge in UiPath, I dont know how to solve these errors.

These screen captures would probably make you understand what I would like to do.
Please have a look :pray: :pray:


I still cannot solve this problem :frowning:
Could anyone give me some advice?