Save And Open Hyperlink Text/details in a Email Body

Good day fellow devs, urgently looking for a solution.

I need to read the Body of an email in the back-round process using Get email activity.

I then need to save the details/Attributes of the Hyperlink of a pages URL into a variable so I can use the OPEN Browser Activity to Open the links address.

Image Below


Hy @Mgebi_Khoza,

Yes it is possible, you must select this option


Please check this youtube video

If you still have any questions please let us know

Thank you But unfortunately NO. I am using the Get Outlook email Mail Message and NOT Send activity, It does not have isBodyHtml in the options menu.

I need to receive and get details of the link not send.

I hope i put it more clear

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The link which you are highlighting above is not having the URL address ?
Once you click on View my Invoice, then it will open in browser ?

Please correct if my understanding is wrong. Thanks

Because you can read the Hyperlink address from the email, but if there is no link address present.
Then we have to opt some other way.


  1. Yes The Highlight text has an URL address.
  2. Yes once you click it. It opens a separate browser in a new tab.

I can read the required URL text but i’m not able to extract the link or use the URL address from the text/hyperlink and have it placed in a variable.

Hy @Mgebi_Khoza.

Know I understood what you want, yes you can get the Hyperlinks

You can put your email text into a string variable and search for a hyperlink using regex.

In the ‘Is Match’ activity search for URL, pass the email body as input

Almost there


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Thank You Much appreciated.

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Hy @Mgebi_Khoza, you are welcome!

Please mark my answer as the solution



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