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“Hello, I am using UiPath App, and I need to open a PDF document in another tab. How can I achieve this?”

Hi @Gvantsa_Khubulia

Use “Open Browser” activity pass the Pdf Path in the Url Section

@Gvantsa_Khubulia ,

where is your PDF? is it coming as URL or are you storing into Data services?

I have documents locally on my server but I can store it into Dataservice or StorageBucket.

It’s unattended process and I have documents locally.

@Gvantsa_Khubulia ,

So in that case you cant open into other tab.

I would recommend you to develop a tab to show PDF on same page or you can design a page for PDF and show page as pop up page.


Hi @Gvantsa_Khubulia

If you want to open a PDF document in a web browser tab, you can use UiPath to automate actions within the browser. You can use the “Open Browser” activity in UiPath Studio to open a specific URL.

or, If you want to open a local PDF file, you can use UiPath to automate the opening of a PDF reader application (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader) and pass the file path as an argument
or, you may need to pass data or arguments from UiPath App to the UiPath automation process. This can be done by setting up input parameters in your automation workflow and passing values from UiPath App to those parameters.

I’m curious why you want to open a PDF in the browser of an unattended automation. What are you trying to do with this PDF?