Open PDF files in different tabs

I’m pretty new to RPA/UiPath
I have a scenario where I need to open a PDF file in a new tab of a browser when I click on a link and same way when I click the other link, it opens the pdf file in a separate tab.

 Currently I'm using activity Send Hotkey with "Ctrl+T" and then Click activity with the element using Indicate on Screen.  with this it opens both the pdfs on the same tab with only the second pdf visible.

 Any help is appreciated. Thx!

Just give a try like clicking down the ctrl button @JoeB

Dont start your automations by thinking uipath or rpa, but first by having a process to automate, how do you achieve this as a human? after answering that, you start your automation :slight_smile:

I’m not starting anything.I’m tryin to see if this is feasible for our applications

What i mean is this is UiPath forum we can help you achieve what you need, but we dont know your target application, if you can do what you need as a human, most likely uipath will also be able too…

thats a very broad generic answer. Please respond only if you have anything constructive to say reg this issue, else you are only wasting time and resource of the forum and the members here

ok ok dont get angry be happy, but if the only help you need is not about uipath, but how a browser treats your clicks on links, then like was told you above, holding control while you click the links will cause them to open in separate tabs…

Can you be more specific. Thx @HareeshMR

Dude just relax… apparently u cannot understand the issue. Why would u assume that it is not related to UiPath. Did U not read my post? Let it go troll.Thx for yr “help”

i promisse you i never meant to push your buttons, but i will go away, so you can be at peace…

I mean, when you click on a button with press holding ctrl key, it will open in the new tab, can you replicate the same in the workflow as well and check if that works @JoeB

Yes I have 2 sets of Send Keys with Ctrl+tab to open a new tab and the next step a click activity on the hyperlink to open the pdf , but what happens is it opens 2 tabs one empty and the other one it opens with the last click activity and I end up with a pdf opened for the 2nd click @HareeshMR

May I know why you are sending this ?

Hi @JoeB

Have you tried element exists and then you can use ctrl+T or Ctrl+Tab along with attach window


To open a new tab.
I tried both Ctrl+T and Ctrl+tab, none of them open 2 different pdfs in 2 different tabs @HareeshMR

How are you trying to do? @JoeB

When you click on two different links, you need to hold press ctrl for each click. and if it is opening directly and navigating you to the pdf page, you need to get back to the home page. Are you doing that?

Could you give me an example of what you really mean. In other words how would you accomplish that ? Thanks


If you see here, I’m using the Key Modifiers property to hold ctrl and then clicking on the particular button so that it will open in the new tab.

I tried the KeyModifiers Ctrl and it still opens the second button click in the same tab, whereas I want it to open in a new tab.