Open Browser Activity with specific Firefox version

I’m using Firefox version 38.5.1 because some java program runs on the old firefox.
I know Uipath Firefox extensions doesn’t work with old version of firefox, so I installed latest version of firefox and removed the old version of firefox.
Open Browser Activity works well when only the lastest firefox installed on my PC.
However, if I install the old version, the Open Browser Activity opens the old version of firefox.
Is there any way to run the latest version of firefox, on condition of both old and new firefox installed?

uninstall both, then install latest version using official link

then install old version 38.5.1 from here

This will let you install the “portable” version. Portable version will not interfere with official version.

When you use “Open Browser”, it will run latest version

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It works so well. Thanks a lot~!

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