Open browser activity cannot find webpage

Hi, Im using the open browser webpage to reach the below website but looks like it cannot be found. When i manually copy and paste the link in Google, it loads…
I used the exact same function for another workflow with another webpage but it works.
Any idea why? Thanks!

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Hey @victorialim

Is the URL valid and correct as you use manually ?


The extra / at the end of your URL is causing their web server to look for /index.html/index.html

Get rid of the extra / at the end of the URL in Open Browser.

Their web server is set so that if a URL points to a folder, it looks for index.html as the default page in that folder. The / on the end of the URL is telling it that index.html is a folder, so it is looking for the default page of index.html in a folder named index.html. Obviously, neither exist. Hope this makes sense.

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