Open a CSV file on Google Drive

Hi ,

I’d like to use a Gsuite activity to open a CSV file on Google Drive as a Google Spreadsheets.
How should I do?
*I don’t want to use recoder.

Do you have any idea?

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Hi @dora

You can use the below component to work with google sheets. It’s similar to the way we automate normal spreadsheets installed in our machine…

Install the component and use the activities listed under it to get your task done…


There’s a package called UiPath.GSuite.Activities. You may want to explore on it under Manage Packages. image

Maybe you can combine Google Drive and Google Sheets Activities as per your requirement.


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Still now
there are only two way

  1. Gsuite
  2. web Recording

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I know to use GSuite Activity and could you please show me the detail?
What Activity do you use in Gsuite for CSV? Drive > Download File?

you can use all the above activities to work with Sheet in Drive.

Probably something like below:

  1. Download the CSV File
  2. Create New Spreadsheet
  3. Read New Spreadsheet.


I’d like to open a CSV file on Google Drive as a Google Spreadsheets.
And I use “Download File” activity but an error message appeared.

In this case, is it correct to use “File Download”?

LocalPath; “G:\●●●●●\●●●●●\●●●●●\●●●●●\●●●●●.csv”

It 'd be appreciated if you show a sample.