OOTB Usecase


Currently we are working on a use case on UiPath Ai Center in detecting Cancer from the X-Ray images. I have tried to use the OOTB use case Image Moderation ,but the package is going to the failed state.

Please do help in resolving the issue.


Hi @s.swapna8 ,

Are you using the Below Model :

And are you sure you would want the Output as mentioned in the Description ? :


I just want to give the input X-Ray documents and train the model and get wheather that person is affected by disease or not.Can you please tell me which OOTB usecase model can be used ?

@s.swapna8 , By just having an overview of the Statement you have provided, it seems there isn’t any particular ML Model provided by UiPath yet.

However, we do have the ImageClassification Model from the Out Of Box Packages. As per your use case, the classifciation is supposed to be of two Classes/Types. i.e Either Disease is Present or Disease Not Present. It means that these two classes are the Output Values.

In that case, you would require to Provide a Set of Training Data, Which Consists of Images having both Diseases Present and Not Present. The Training Data needs to be arranged in a particular format in the Dataset Folder.

Something like the below Structure :

More about Training the ImageClassification Model is present in the Docs below :

Do let us know if you were able to implement this model and also take into account that it does require sufficiently large number of images for it to understand/Differentiate between the two Classes of Images.