Document Understanding : OOB Machine Learning Classifier

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I need some input to understand how OOB machine learning classifier is being trained in AI Centre. Any pointer will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

UiPath has a range of OOTB Machine Learning classifiers such as document classifier, Image classifier, light text classifier etc. you can find all information on the open source OOTB packages here:

Yes right. So i am focusing on only document understanding classifier not other language analysis classifier like light text, multilable etc.

As we have data manager to labeling document extractor model like invoice, receipt etc. But what do we have for labelling in case of machine learning classifier.

So in short how can label/classify document where I need to use document classifier.

Understood. Let me check and get back to you.

Hey Ashish look into this.

You can train the machine learning classifier, through the machine learning classifier trainer.

This document gives you all the necessary steps to create a machine learning model using the classifier OOTB package.

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