Only two Activity in Database Activity?

Hi I have installed the database package but it’s showing only two activities one connect and second disconnect.
How to get all activity of Database.

Hi @balkishan,

When you search for connect you get only these 2 activities, search for database in activities section, you will be able to see all the activities.

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@anil5 Oh thanks I got it

@anil5 I want to update the data which activity I can use as I can’t see an update activity here.

Can you tell me the difference between Execute Query and Execute Non Query.


Hi @balkishan,

If you see the output of Execute query and Execute Non query you can understand.

Execute query - If you want to get the datatable from database, you can use execute query.

ExecuteNonQuery - IF you want to perform insert, update and delete operations you have to use Execute Nonquery and if you see the output of Execute Nonquery it returns number of rows affected while performing insert, update and delete operations.

For more info please refer the below post


Hi @balkishan,

To update the database you can use execute non query activity or insert.
To fetch from database you can use execute query
and don’t forget to search the difference between using activities inside start transaction container and using outside of the container.

Let us know if this was interesting.
Pavan H