Only Getting Data From Last Mail Id In Outlook

Hello Community,

I have 3 mail accounts set up in my Outlook.

I need to run some script to perform the same operation for 2 mail accounts.

The robot reads the data but it takes only the Second account’s mail id data.

I need to read both the mail id data and perform some operations on both of them.

Please help me.

thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

you want to get emails data from 2 accounts but you are able to get data from 2nd one not first one. are you using outlook?

Yes… Using Outlook

I think here is problem, we can get data from that account which is login in your desktop version.
change your account and read for another, now you will get data from login account.

Hey @Nikhil_Jadhav ,

The Read Outlook Mail Message activity will read the data from the default account of outlook.
If you wants to get the data from other account all well, for that you need to pass the email address of that account as a parameter in Read Outlook Mail Message.