One Orchestrator or One for each environment?

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Is it necessary to have an archestrtor setup for DEV, QA and PROD separately or will one orchestrator work for all 2 environments? What are the benefits of having multiple orchestrators? Kindly clarify.

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair

I don’t think we need separate orchestrator instances for dev, test and production. We can simply do this within the same orchestrator instance by creating separate environments. So what you can do is, first create separate environments for development, test and prod. Next, allocate the required number of robots to each environment. Then its a matter of connecting your development team’s machines with the development environment robots so that they can only work on the development environment. Test and prod will not be connected with any development machine because those usually run on their own server’s or machines.

This way, you can manage the environments within the same orchestrator. Regarding the assets & queues, You can have dedicated assets and queues for each environment separately by having separate naming conventions. Having separate names should not be a problem if you have a proper deployment guide when changing from one environment to another because the asset & queue names are stored in the config file when we work with the REFramework. Use of best practises also help us a lot in this scenario :slight_smile:

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How do you test if an orchestrator update works? Do you update the PROD directly?

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This is a good question @Stephu.
As of now we have just one orchestrator and nothing has went live yet. But our recent product upgrade raised this question - how do we deal with upgrades if we have just one orchestrator? Is it recommended to have more than one orchestrators for each project/per client? What is the recommended architecture for a new client?
@Lahiru.Fernando can you please help us with your valuable inputs?

This is a general question and should be answerd by uipath.

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Kindly have a view on this thread

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Can we 2 level of multi-tenant ? upper level (#1) for environment and second level as sub-tenant ( #2) for Business units per environment ?