One or more errors occurred. (Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant))

I was able to debug my workflow successfully around 4pm yesterday.

I am currently having this error:
One or more errors occurred. (Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant)) —> RemoteException wrapping System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant).

I am on Uipath Studio Community with a cloud based orchestrator.

I need an urgent assistance as i am expected to take my team at work through implementing the Uipath for one of our routine activity automation the following day.

Could you provide more details about your error.

If you are facing issues running the process, kindly reinstall Uipath and try again.

I once experienced this error some 3 days ago after I hadn’t ran the workflow since March this year. But it worked after i allowed windows updates on my windows 10 machine and renewed my license. Now the “Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant).” is back again!

I just hope that reinstalling the studio would fix the error.

Thanks @Gokul, the One or more errors occurred. (Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant) error has just disappeared after i took my windows 10 machine to the my workplace to join the domain directly without using the VPN connection. I sensed it’s my workplace network restrictions that was causing the error.

Now, I am trying to compete my automation and currenty having
" Must declare the scalar variable “@ACCTNO”.
at UiPath.Database.Activities.ExecuteQuery" error.

the screenshot of my workflow is highlighted below:



This issue has been resolved following the method captured in the screenshot below:

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