On-Prem API Authentication

Hello friends,

I am trying to POST request https://[Orchestrator_URL]/api/account/authenticate using postman but it gives me an 405 error. Please see the below image. I will need the “access token” from the result. We are using On-prem Orch version 2020.10.

P.S. I am getting 200 code for get method.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @reddyabhishek788,

Have you checked the related links? Hopefully it benefits your business.


@reddyabhishek788 Could you please show your URL in postman.

Here it is: https://****.com/Account/Authenticate

Okay then you are missing the API keyword

Please keep your http method as POST !

I was trying with my AD account, it looks like UiPath depreciated the functionality. I created a local account and it worked.

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