OmniPage package error:

facing this error

This includes the following packages: IntelligentOCR (>= 6.4.0), DocumentUnderstanding.ML (>= 1.16.0), PDF (>= 3.9.0), AmazonTextract (>= 1.0.0), OCR.Activities (>= 3.9.0) and OmniPage (>= 1.11.0)

Hi @krishna_priya Did you update those packages ?

HI @krishna_priya

Go to Manage package → All package → Install the package that required


Right click on the package and → Click Manage and install the package



1.13.0 is the updates version

Already installed the package

Failed to download package ‘UiPath.OCR.Activities.3.12.0’ from ‘’.
The decryption operation failed, see inner exception.
The specified data could not be decrypted.

@Anil_G can you help to clear this error


Close the project…rename project.json to project.json.old and re open the main caml and check.

Did you try Right clicking on the dependencies and repair


i crated a new project, renamed the project.json to project.json.old

but error occur again <<<<<<<

actually i renamed the project.json to project.json.old

but automatically project.json.old creted

What is the version of UiPath studio are you Using ? @krishna_priya


@Gokul001 help me bro

@Anil_G bro help me to clear this error

Have you tried with Reinstalling the UiPath studio and checked it ? @krishna_priya


Is this happening for every project?

If yes then reinstall and try

Other options would be to remove packages from C:\Users\Username\.nuget\packages here and let them redownload


yeah… i tired
now also error occurs


Can you confirm if this behaviour is there for all processes?


problem over :slight_smile: Thanks :}

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Good to know…

Happy automation.

Hope our inputs hepes

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