Oledb command to filter a double integer

I have a table with followong columns

Amount Name
100 testĺ
2.00 trst2
3.98 test3

I need the oledb command which will convert Amount column as long integer and filter with the long integer value(CLng)

use the CLng function
"SELECT * FROM YourTable WHERE CLng(Amount) = 100"

This one is working for exact match…if we need to do fuzzy match what would be the syntax

Select * from table where Clng(Amount) Like 100.99

I need to check if column value is in the range of 90-105
Can someone help with oledb query for the same

Hi @Pinky_AG ,

Maybe below is the Query that you can use :

SELECT * FROM YourTable WHERE CLng(Amount) >= 90 AND CLng(Amount) <= 105

Thank you it is working…

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