Old Orchestrator logs are removed after Elasticsearch setup

We have just set up elasticsearch to collect logs. The logs are coming into elasticsearch and showing in kibana. However, all the old logs have now disappeard from orchestrator. Only the jobs that have been started after elastic was set up are showing in orchestrator but not the ones before.

The web.config file have set the logger rules to write to both database, robotelasticbuffer.
<logger name="Robot.*" writeTo="database,robotElasticBuffer" final="true" />
But the issue seems to be reading the old logs…

Is there anything i am missing? Any help on this is much appreciated :smiley:


I think the logs are stored in a SQL Database, so it could be that they were cleared.
I would suggest working with UiPath on this and the person on your team that is responsible for installation. Here is the technical support: https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-technical-support


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Thank you for the response. The logs are stored in the sql database as you say, but you have to export the old logs and import to elastic if they are to be visible in orchestrator.

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