Office365 session expiry "Pick an Account" window

Hi All

Looking for some advice on how to solve this problem.

On occasion we are getting this popup prompting the user to log into Office365. Requires one click on the highlighted element to resolve the window . This window will disappear for 2 days, 7 days+ etc.

Temporary fix is to click the highlighted element until we get a more permanent solution.

It happens randomly at different times across multiple different processes.

What options do we have resolve this issue for the long term?
Our thought was to setup a process to log in and out office365 daily rather than updating all our processes to look for the window at different times.

Any help is appreciated.

I believe that this would be a quicker solution to try and test before doing anything extensive.
I’m faced with a similar situation as well but on the API side of things. We have flows that call out to APIs using tokens that expire every 24 hours.

I’m leaning towards a similar choice. Have a separate scheduled process to refresh the token say every 20 hours and deposit it into to a central database. Other flows will simply read this token before they move on to perform the actual API call.


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Hi @AndyMenon

Just an update - I created a process that logs in and out of Office365 using MS Word which has eliminated the problem. Its doing the trick currently (few months in).



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Great @Steven_McKeering !

It is nice to have a solution and move to the next step. :slightly_smiling_face:

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