Office 365 Scope forward mail (change forwarded email subject)

New office 365 forward activity does not allow to change the email subject. This is happening because and email item is attached as a whole (with subject, attachments etc.) and any assignments like item.subject = “My subject here” do not get into the forwarded email

This can be overcome with Office 365 send.mail activity but if forwarded email has attachments then this is complicated because you have to save the attachments before sending the email with the send.mail activity.

Emails need to be saved because item.attachments variable does not work due to the variable mismatch (send mail activity only accepts strings as attachments, hence the attachments need to be saved before)

So the questions is very simple and yet very complicated - how to forward the email with the changed subject without using send mail activity?Perhaps there is a way to parse item.attachments to the attachment variable in the send.mail activity without saving the attachments?

@DeanMauro - perhaps you should improve Office 365 activities forward possibilities with change subject option.


I’m struggling with the same issue. Trying to change the subject before I forward the email.
Have you found a solution?

We are working on it together with uipath. I will let you know. Meanwhile we run simple outlook application process and use send mail imulating forward - e.g item.sender +
+ item.headers(“bodyhtml”)

Basically with present Graph API it is impossible to change the subject. You can use send mail activity with a very complicated workaround with OneDrive.

So finally we came up with such sollution. We read emails in office365, convert bodies to the files in UTF-8 format, read them back in the UTF8 format to the variable that latter is used as body of the email and then send all with Outlook. This by far is the best solution because we can attach any size attachments (they are saved during the processing and then deleted) and also we get nice HTML bodies.