How to change Outlook mail subject while forwarding

Hi Team, I’m using Outlook mail activity and trying to change the mail subject while forwarding an email. But, the subject is not getting reflected in the forwarded email. I saw a similar question in the forum but seems like it is not resolved yet. Can someone please help me to get that resolved?


May I know what Outlook activity are you using here ?


See the below guide/documentation for forwarding email.

You can update the subject property of email using assign activity

email.Subject = "Subject"


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Hi, I used “Outlook.Activities.GetOutlookMailMessages”

Hi, Thanks for replying. I tried the “Text - Enter a subject in the Text Builder.” under change subject section but it didn’t work. I was still getting the default subject from actual mail

Thanks @noufalahammed, this is exactly what i was searching for! It worked.

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