Office 365 - Find Files and Folders holds only Top 199 items

hi, I am trying to access a SharePoint folder which has around 700-1k files. I need to move them all in to an Archive Folder so that fresh files are uploaded. I am using Office365 → Find Files and Folder activity to get the Results loaded with all drive items in that folder. For my surprise it only holds top 199 items where as originally it has more that that. So only 199 are moved to Archive.

Any help on this please.

If there is a limit you can repeat the process to clear all files 199 items at a time is it not?

In general even if there is no limit, these operations work best when handled in small repetitive batches. The reason I’m saying is that it may be easy to read a list of 1000 files, but moving 1000 files between folders in one to may not be an efficient operation.


Thanks for the response Andy. I’ve now handled it in batches only. But wanted to understand the nature of the activity like, will it always give output only in batches?

That could be found out from the documentation.

If it isn’t there maybe that update must be added to the documentation.