ODBC Connection string limited to 1024characters

When using an Azure oAuth token to connect to a database you need to be able to have connection strings longer than 1024. Azure oAuth tokens are ~1700 characters

If I try to create this longer connection string directly in the windows ODBC control panel I’m able to create the connection string longer than 1024 characters. It looks like the UiPath database activities is checking the string and stopping me from creating an activity with longer than 1024 chars

Exact warning is “Connection string exceeds maximum allowed length of 1024”

Can we fix?

Running the latest Database Activites - 1.7.1.

for more background - this limit was removed by MS a while ago. Hopefully UiPath can update their modules to reflect this change.

Hi @FMCgclifford

Thank you for reporting the issue, we will have a look.

But just for extra information - the Database package is one of the ones that we open-sourced over here:

Naturally, this only means that the code is public, but the development and QA are still done mostly by us (and we sometimes take community input as well, of course).
So if you feel like it, you can have a look yourself in the meantime.

@loginerror Thank you. Likely fixing this is above my skill level. Hopefully this is something the team can do as more people move to cloud platforms and need additional authentication options that cause the ODBC connection string to exceed the limit.