OCR Engine Problems

Why is it so hard to do a guide for this topic?

Have big problems when i need special chars that we have in Sweden “Å,Ä and Ö”

Microsoft OCR Engine dont work, even that i follow everything that is written. o what is the problem then?

As this OCR’s which come with UiPath have some limitations

But you can integrate some other paid OCR’s which supports Sweden language


Hi @Anders_Dahl

OCR Engines in properties please check scale 1 to 5.

Kommi Jeevan.

The problem is this.

“År” in Swedish will be" én" after the Tesseract OCR Engine.

And The Guide for Microsoft is crap. Dont work.

@ksrinu070184 and @kommijeevan

Have you tried with the swe.traineddata(TessData) download and change the language to swe

Hope this works



I have. Dont work. Get this error InvalidInputLanguage

@Anders_Dahl abbyy flexicapture is a great tool for OCR data extraction but it’s not for free. you can integrate it in UiPath.