OCR Engine Problems

Why is it so hard to do a guide for this topic?

Have big problems when i need special chars that we have in Sweden “Å,Ä and Ö”

Microsoft OCR Engine dont work, even that i follow everything that is written. o what is the problem then?

As this OCR’s which come with UiPath have some limitations

But you can integrate some other paid OCR’s which supports Sweden language


Hi @Anders_Dahl

OCR Engines in properties please check scale 1 to 5.

Kommi Jeevan.

The problem is this.

“År” in Swedish will be" én" after the Tesseract OCR Engine.

And The Guide for Microsoft is crap. Dont work.

@Srini84 and @kommijeevan

Have you tried with the swe.traineddata(TessData) download and change the language to swe

Hope this works



I have. Dont work. Get this error InvalidInputLanguage

@Anders_Dahl abbyy flexicapture is a great tool for OCR data extraction but it’s not for free. you can integrate it in UiPath.

Hi! We have the same issue. Did you find some way to solve this issue? Thanks!

Check your messagebox.