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I am configuring in a VM and need the bot to compare the current day date to a date variable I have stored off of an application. What would be the best way to have this work?

Many thanks!

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A simple If condition would do that.

DateTime currentDt = DateTime.Now 
DateTime appDt = new DateTime(Year, Month, Day)

If currentDt > appDt Then

Hi Sara
lets take you have a variable of type datetime in your application, named Datetime_Var1
and if you want to compare the current date with that variable
you can use a IF condition activity and mention like this @Sara_Car
Datetime_Var1 < DateTime.Now

where the left is the variable you have in application
and in the right side DateTime is a class and Now is a method in it that would give you the current datetime value

Kindly try this and let know sara
Cheers @Sara_Car

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@Palaniyappan the detail of your explanation is really amazing. Thank you so much!

This has worked. Now to continue through this IF activity.

Many many thanks sir!


Cheers @Sara_Car
Keep going

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