Compare Date activity

where can we find compare date activity.??

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Hi @Jesi

Variables with the data Type dateTime can be compared using the usual comparaison operators.

But if you really want to use an activity for it you can install the the below package for package manager and you will find an activity called Compare Date :

And here is the activity :

Hope it helps

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what is the version you are using. In my version, I am not able to find this package.

I’m using the latest version but I’ve used this on multiple versions before,
Which version are you using ?

I am using 2016 version… old one…

can we compare dates without compare date activity?

If you have two variables that are dateTime then you can use normal operators to compare,

for instance you can use this Now < Now.addDays(1) as a condition for you if stage.

Hi @Jesi,

Please refer to e.g. the thread below:

Does this help?

my requriment is compare date using if condition
the last month of the date is feb 28 and today date is march 16 i should get the output is today date.