Obtain Outlook calendar events

Hi all

I’ve searched the Forum for how to obtain events from an Outlook calendar - the only activity I can find is an outdated one which no longer works

I’ve tried using these 2 activities:

Both the results bring back array variables but I can’t see to get them to write out - it keeps brining back either Microsoft.Graph.Calendar or Microsoft.Graph.Event. I’m trying to write them out in a For Each, and calResults(0) but can’t get anything back.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Short

Please refer to the below post.


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Calresults(0) will not give the results…it gives whole event…to access indivividual items like the event subject etc use catevemts(0).Subject

To see all the values or items possible use calresults(0). And after you press dot it would show you all the methods that are available from which you can get eqch deltail like time…members etc


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