Object Repository speed

Hi all,

When I try to open/edit my Object Repository, it runs incredibly slowly and even crashes from time to time.

On opening it seems to take ages adding dependencies (there are none, obviously). Otherwise it’s just slow.

Is this normal behaviour? I want to use the OR to speed up selector changes in my projects but adding elements and editing descriptors is painfully slow and should I ever need to update them all I’ll have to navigate around my application retargeting them each individually as you can’t edit the selectors as text like you can in a regular project. Am I missing something here? It doesn’t feel like I’m working smarter here!


Hello @TJ_automates

There are no such behaviors. You can easily record the UI elements and modify the descriptors as well. It works faster in my machine.

Can you please confirm the UiPath studio version and do you have enough configuration in the machine?


I’m using studio 2022.10.3. It is painfully slow but normal projects load and can be edited with the kind of speed as responsiveness that you would expect.

I also have always found that the UI Explorer tool often causes the target application to fail. I wonder if this is related?

Hi TJ_automates,

I have the same issue, at least it seems like that.
Where are you saving your projects and ORs? At our company we figured out that the extremly slow running time relates to our internal network. The projects and ORs were saved on a network drive. When we started to save our projects locally (on the machine we were using Studio) the speed was normal again.

Hope that helps.
Our goal is now to get all the projects on a git-server, so that we don’t have to save a local copy on the studio machine.


Yes, I set up brand new repository locally and copied the tree from the original across.

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