Object Repository needs to support dynamic values

We store things like application URLs in config files, we do not hard-code them in our automations.

Here is an example of the problem, using Object Repository. I created a Login Page screen, and it grabs the literal URL. Then I drag that object to my code and, of course, it has the literal URL and can’t be changed without decoupling from the object repository. If I try to edit the Login Page screen and change it to Config(“TCURL”).ToString this is the result:


It has the Config reference as a literal string. When I Debug the file, it doesn’t even open Chrome and it generates no error.

Even after manually editing the Browser URL in the Use Application/Browser activity, it still tries to use it as a literal string…


Also, naming the activity after the object is poor design. The activity should maintain its actual name with the object added to the end. So the result should be “Use Application/Browser - Login Page” not “Login Page” as the name of the activity.

And now I’ve discovered that if I decouple the Use Application/Browser activity from the Object Repository, the activities inside it (Type Into, Click, etc) that come from the Object Repository don’t work and don’t even throw an error.

Unless I’m doing something wrong, the Object Repository is useless for us because we don’t hard-code everything.

Thanks for the feedback, we’re working on it :+1: