Using Variables in Browser URL of "Use Application/Browser" activity

Hi, everyone. I replied to a post that had already been “solved,” so I don’t think people are clicking it to view. So, I’m starting this new one.

I’m learning to use the Modern Design with the ACME exercises from the Advanced Developer training.

I did what @Pablito mentioned in this post. I edited my Work Item Details descriptor to have an empty URL field.
Work Item Details Descriptor

Then, I went to my project files that use this screen and inputted the URL into the specific properties for my Use Application/Browser activity.

This works, but my issue with this is that it is not reliable. Let’s say someone clicks the Descriptor for the screen to edit it. They open it up, see that there is no URL and change it; then they realize their mistake, go back and delete it. Or even let’s say they don’t change it at all the first time; they just click OK and move on.
At this point, we need to re-enter ALL the custom URLs for these other files because the “update” in OR has cleared the URLs for these activities since they are linked!
See below:
Edit descriptor
Work Item Details Descriptor
Clicked OK here, and then…

I’ve tested this out, and it’s the unfortunate truth. We can’t rely on “don’t ever open the descriptor and click OK” as the solution to this.

Just today, I had to update one of the objects in my repository for the Work Item Details page, and sure enough, now I need to go through and update the Browser URLs for the components that use the Work Item Details page. Just decided to put the URL in a variable so it’s easier to update every time this happens.

Is there any other way to handle this? (Other than trying to find the .object file and editing the code within it, as was suggested here.)

Hey @Joe_Matuch

So you are pointing on how to make the URL dynamic in object repo screen ?


Hello @Joe_Matuch

Does that mean the url field is clearing each and every time if you made some changes to the object repo?

If you want to keep the url in a varibale you can think of keeping it in an Asset and use that Asset value in the url field.

Yeah, I can’t have a screen in OR for every possible Work Item Details URL.

But it also seems like I can’t leave a variable in the Browser URL field or else it disappears every time I alter an object under that target screen.

Thanks. That is essentially what I am doing to make it easier to fill the Browser URL field.

However, that does not solve the fact that every time I make changes to that screen or an object nested under that screen in OR, I have to go back and fill in the Browser URL field in every component.

Hey @Joe_Matuch

You can leave the URL empty and use a selector instead - I hope this is what you are looking for right ?


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The top level selector remains the same for each screen, but the URL is different. I don’t think there is an ideal solution for this currently.

Okay, I’m extremely sorry. Unable to understand your need here.

This is clear which I understand is the problem, Could you please explain it a bit on the need ?


Hi, @Nithinkrishna . Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

This is an issue I talked about with other members of my team, and it looks like for now there is not an ideal solution. Essentially, what needs to be done is what I explained above. My colleague, Tom, does a much better job of explaining it in this video here. His explanation begins at the 10:27 mark.

Hope that helps explain what I meant!

The Object Repository is very poor at handling dynamic properties (ie usage of variables) and is, therefore, pretty useless IMO.

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