Object repository lib not able to use and need to know windows compatibility

Hi Expert I have few question

  1. Need your help to understand latest feature of UiPath what is compatibility I got this option while creating new project as snapshot.

  2. I am trying to test object repository and using acme test website I have recorded some action in object repository and publish local to use other project however when I was trying to import that library using manage package I am getting below error.

Have a look here why windows legacy is phasing out

there is a mismatch in the compatibility between project and object library

You can follow the below thread for more info on compatibitlity modes:

UiPath- Windows Legacy, Windows & Cross-platform compatibility | Migrate Windows Legacy to Windows - Learn / Video Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

Note: Use Windows since Windows- Legacy is phasing out



  1. UiPath offers multiple compatibilities
    Windows - legacy - compatible on .net 4.6.1
    Windows - compatible on .net 5.0+
    Cross-platform - compatible to run on linux systems or serverless cloud machines, more like the studio web files

  2. You created the object repo using compatibility windows-legacy I believe and those cannot be imported into windows projects…both library and the project should be under same compatibility

For more info



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You mean to whatever we design the project before 2021.10 UiPath that would be work in windows legacy ?


Yes because before that there is mo windows compatibility …it was introduced after that only and we were able to select different


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