Object reference not set to an instance of

Hi @all
Am getting this error can anyone please help

In click activity


Can you check any of the properties are null if you used variables


Hi @Anil_G
Scenario is like i have to click on one of the drop down which is having 3values. And have select each value and need to verify it with page number count.

So, i took forst click activity and then select item and then to very that with page number i took get text activity. So, here am getting error


So in get text you are getting the error?

Or while verifying the returned value?

If it is while verifying returned value then there is no value returnes to check you have to use IsNothing(variable)

If that is not the issue then pleasee share some screenshot of properties of failed activity


Hello @Shaik_Shahbaz

This error can throw when the variable you are using in a function doesn’t have any value.
So if you passing any variable, plz check it is having some values. Else during variable declaration, please initialise it to solve the issue.