Object reference not set to an instance of an object (Reframework)


I did the second part of the official certification and i failed due to an error i couldn’t resolved.

This one:

So, is there anybody who can explain to me were this error come from :slight_smile:

Thank you !

CertificationExam1 - Vendors.zip (920.7 KB)

In the file, there is also the performer bot (that i can’t try).

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Hi @Lucas,

I was checking your screenshot and looks like you’re not checking if the variable content and output datatable isnull or not.

Can you validate it?

~Diego Turati


I think it should work if try to execute instead of debug. Bcz I suspect it’s nice t an error it’s just saying the object is null (as you giving nothing in assign activity). If you click ignore then it will run smoothly.

True, how can i do it easily ?

@venkat4u : Yes, but no data are sent to orchestrator despite i used the extract structured data and gave it an output…

Here the correction of your work
Correction.zip (988.9 KB)

What i’ve done?

I let’s you check, move and rename some thing on your job and other thing. But i moved your click display all vendors into the navigate_search, i change your extract activities, and some selector, you’re data wasn’t take correctly. I do not remember the all operation i’ve done, you can talk to me in mp for more precision, but for me, now, your job works on my pc :slight_smile:

It works fine !!

Thank you :slight_smile:
I will match your version and mine to understand all the changes.

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