Object reference not set to an instance of an object Error While Perform Search Using Lookup Range

I have build a workflow to search Multiple occurance of a value within a range with help of Lookup range activity and string manipulation. I have set a lower limit of range (Last Row) and made the range dynamic. The workflow is able to perform search the values in the range, however whenever there no more occurance of the search value in the range it throws an error (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.).

I tried to address the error with Try Catch block and an IF activity, but nothing worked. Can anyone suggest how to break the workflow as soon as there is no search result found? Any help is appreciated.

Sample Data.xlsx (32.2 KB)
Main.xaml (12.4 KB)


Can you try to use If activity with String.IsNullOrEmpty and Break as the following?

Main2.xaml (13.4 KB)


Thanks you so much! It helps!

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