Write Range Error In Code

FetchingStockData.xaml (25.1 KB)

Hi Guy, i wrote code that fetches live stock quotes, i keep getting this error when it gets to write range at the end of the activity

Write Range: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

is the flow of my code correct?

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This means that there is something being passed into the activity which is null. Check the variables you’re passing into the activity in debug mode.

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Fine lets go one by one
here mention the input as item and not the current filepath mentioned as item is the variable which now hs the filepath we want

andkeep this whole for each inside the open browser and then try

And finally make sure that get text activity is working fine and hrs value from the page
For that to validate use a writeline activity and mention the output variable we obtained
Place those writeline activity next to those get value activity so that we can see the value in the output panel

CHeers @Mpumi_Setshedi


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