OAuth Error: 400 Invalid_scope

Dear colleagues,

by trying to log in via Oauth in Development Envirnoment our process runs smooth and processes through GSuite Application Scope by throwing data collected from SAP into gSheets. As soons as I want to trigger unattended via Orchestrator I face the following issue:

Do you have any clue? Within the gSuite Application Scope I enabled all the activities.

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Hi @schatio,

Can you manually login to gsuit by going to your unattended bot server?


Hey Muhammed,

as soon as I let this process run attendend on the server, I face no issues with the automated login …


You are logging in with the user you connected the robot agent to the server, right?

Yes exactly.

Furthermore, I use the same OAuth for different other projects and face no issues. It is quite strange.
Today I will compare the package versions but they should be correct due to the fact they work unattended …

Within the google application scope it seems that specific scopes let the process crash. by trying to disbable them I face the problem of 403 issue. If I disable all, I learned that the scope will be enabled during runtime … in my case in leads to the error above. So somehow, the scope I need leads to the problem of invalid scopes.

The complete process is triggered via a header process which triggers the main process. Standalone and attended it runs smooth.

Hello @schatio

So other project are using the same same OAuth in an unattended mode or in attended mode?

can you please make sure all the steps mentioned in the below video is completed

I already use OAuth since more than a year so I know how to set up the apis. Thanks for sharing your video.