GSuite with Multiple Unattended Bots

I have a process, which includes extensive use of the GSuite library and specifically Google Spreadsheet. We intend to scale it by deploying multiple unattended bots to run it. What will happen when bots try to access the same spreadsheet to write back data to it?

  1. Will it give an error when other bots are trying to access the same spreadsheet?
  2. Will data be overwritten of the first bot from another bot?

Any idea?

@Mihai_Dunareanu @loginerror @Palaniyappan @lakshman

I tried parallel activity to stimulate a similar scenario as mentioned above and I got the below error:
GSuite Application Scope: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Roaming\Datastore.GSuite\Google.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Responses.TokenResponse-ABCDEFGHIJKL’ because it is being used by another process.

@Marc_Bourgeois, can you please put some light in this regard?

Likely that you have more than one instance of UIPath Studio running… this has happened to me before… if it`s for the same project (**/project.json). If not, look at what is running on your machine via Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del - Task Manager) and see what processes are running… hope that this can help

I read to fast, it maybe that you cannot run the GSuite application scope in a parallel activity or have to configure one/many properties to allow parallel processing. I don’t have any experience with the GSuite API/scope, activities so this is just my guess. Refer to the online documentation and see if this is the case…

With the parallel activity, I am just trying to simulate a scenario where we’ll be having multiple bots to run the same process and update a particular Google Sheet at the same time. What will happen if all the bots try to write to same Google Sheet at same time?

It is quite possible we’ll not get the token error mentioned earlier by me, as we’ll have the bot running in separate machines.

Thanks @Marc_Bourgeois for your inputs.

That’s correct, the parallel activity is for one process execution, so same process execution on separate thread where multiple bots would be running separate process, one thread of execution each. It may behave differently, if a session is created on top of the TCP/IP connection for each bot or host/machine… have a nice day @mrkrunaldoshi