O365 Scope Get messages based on MessageId or how to gather internetMessageId

Hi all,

I am using o365 scope to get messages and it works ok. I would like to store the UID for the message so I can use it later in the process to filter this message in the inbox.

To get id I am using property: mail.MessageId and it returns me a value.
But I am not able to filter the messages in get mails activity based on this value. "id eq ‘UID’ - does not work, MessageId eq ‘UID’ neither.

I have gathered manually the internetMessageId and tried to filter based on this value and it works perfect. However I am not able to get internetMessageId property from the message (mail) as it looks like it is not supported. The Header of the mail returns as empty collection. It looks like this value is not returned anywhere while get messages in O365 scope.

Does anyone knows the way how to gather internetMessageId in Get Mail activity or maybe someone knows how to build filter based on MessageId?

thank you for the support.

This is probably a new development, but at this point you can get InternetMessageId from the Office365Mail object. You can then filter by InternetMessageId in your Get Mail activity to get the message.

Hello poster, did you get a response to your post here?

You can get the InternetMessageID from an Office365Mail object by just using v365Mail.InternetMessageId

Filter on this value like this:
“internetMessageId eq '”+v365Mail.InternetMessageId+“'”

Hope this helps!


This works. Thanks for your help

“internetMessageId eq ‘218bff1f-3f5d-4001-b6d3-66bf94dbac42@NADTC1PEXCW001.xxx.com’”

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