O365 Activities - Upload Files - How to give the local file path as string input

Hi Forum,

I’m trying to upload a file from local folder to SharePoint folder using Office 365 activity(Upload Files). Please suggest mandatory properties, sample inputs, how to give the local file path as string input.



First you need to use find files or folders to search for the folder to upload and then in the file to uplod you can give the local file …apart from
That you have to give the drive item output from find files to indicate the shareoont folder




You need following parameters:

firstly you need to create “App registration” on Microsoft Azure.
Then you will get the App Id, tenant Id. You will need all these parameters in following activity.

1: Microsoft Office 365 Scope: for this Scope you need following parameters.

i. Application Id
ii. Tennat Id
iii. Username and Password of 365 account
iv: Services you have to select
v: Environment ( you can set it as Global)

2: Then you need this activity: Find files and folders:
for this activity you need following parameters:

i. Site url
iii. Results

3: Upload File

For this activity you need to provide following parameters

i. File to upload (in String)
ii. Destination folder (in string)
iii. conflict behaviour

You can watch following video for more information: