How to make our xaml files protected?

Xaml files protection

Restrict access for the users’ role to download packages, and they won’t be able to view the xaml files. This can be done by restricting read access to packages.

After publishing the package I m getting nuket package, when I executed it in robot tray and look into default location I was able to access the xaml code. I wanna restrict it… Could you help me to solve this?

If you’re reading from the nuget package directly, this cannot be encrypted or restricted without the help of additional software or IT assistance. The robot must have permission to read the unencrypted package.

Ok thanks
Signing packages is an option. Is it possible to do with free of cost?

I’m not too familiar with package signing, unfortunately.

I am also looking same , i don’t have orchestrator license but i have studio license .Do we have any option encrypt nupkg file.

Signing package is an option, but I don’t know how to add digital signature to it.