Number issue /

May I ask how I can cope with this issue:

If I do the follwing:

Can anyone help me to fix it? Many thankssss…

Just Read the sheet again and then for each row just write the correct number.

FA Sorting ver…xaml (32.7 KB)


After the delete row…use write cell and write the first cell value as 1…then use auto fill range which will fill the remaining numbers as needed

Hope this helps


I can’t open your workflow, can you send me the complete flow picture to me? Many thanks!

Why there is an error here?

FA Sorting ver.2.1.xaml (25.5 KB)

The Expression should be

Excel.Sheet("FA controlC__ (robot)").Cell("A"+(rollNo+1).ToString)

Excel.Sheet.(“FA controlC__ (robot)”).Cell(“A”+(No+1).ToString)

seem you add . after sheet

this the project file (5.2 KB)

Thank you so much, the problem fixed.

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