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I would love to hear some ideas, about how to check if you have to check for a specific number on a website is the same as on the excel sheet you have open.

My robot will run through a bunch of other things before that, where at some point it’ll have to see if it’s the correct assignment it is doing, and for that to be done, it has to go back to the excel look on the specific row it has been running on for a reason, look on column B and see the number, then go back to the website and see if it says the same number there, and if it is it should just continue, but if it isn’t it should move on to the next line on the website to find the correct assignment

Hi @silkefu

you can use Get Text activity to get the number from the Website, this has to store in a variable like strNumberfromWebsite

Once you got the number you can use Read Range activity to read the Excel and store it into a datatable let’s say dt_Excelfile

Now you need to put a condition as below

Cint(strNumberfromWebsite) = Cint(dt_ExcelFile(Row)(Column).Tostring)

Then-> Continue

Else-> put your logic

Hope this may help you


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I tried that but when I put in the right variables, it ways “ID is expected”


Can you give more details of the issue, maybe you can attach a screenshot


Hi @silkefu Try the below steps

  • Read the excel data to data table
  • Logic to extract the number from the web app
  • Use the below query which looks(like lookup data table) for the extracted number in the data table
Rowindex = DT.AsEnumerable.Tolist.Findindex(Function(r) r(1).Tostring.Trim.Equals(Number.Trim))
  • RowIndex var of type int, if the value presents in the data table it returns the row index value else, returns -1
  • DT has the data from an excel
  • Number var has the extracted value from a web app

Below workflow for reference (9.3 KB)

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